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Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival
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Bryn Mawr Film Institute
824 W Lancaster Ave
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
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Under the auspices of The Gershman Y, the Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival (PJFF) seeks to entertain, educate, and engage the Philadelphia cultural community by presenting films and programs that illuminate, explore, and support Jewish values,

Hanna's Journey

November 2, 2014 7:00 PM


Director: Julia von Heinz

Genre: Narrative Feature

Germany, Israel | 2013 | 100 min

Languages: English, German, and Hebrew with English subtitles

For Hanna, a young, ambitious business major from Berlin, spending a few months volunteering in Israel with disabled youths and an elderly Holocaust survivor isn't exactly the sexiest way to spend her summer holiday. Hanna's expectation to bear through the trip without engaging with any of her peers is instantly shattered when on her first day abroad she meets Itay, a flirty and good-looking social worker. Determined to win her over, Itay makes playful and off-color jokes about German-Israeli history to break the ice. Initially angered by his comments, Hanna slowly drops her guard and begins to open up. Soon, a miserable trip turns into a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Based on the popular novel by Theresa BŠuerlein, HANNA'S JOURNEY addresses post World War II German and Israeli identity and magnifies its unique impact on generations to come.

SPECIAL GUEST: Actor Doron Amit is invited

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