Deli Introduces ‘The Zelenskyy’ to Raise Money for Ukraine

The Zelenskyy. Courtesy of Peter Breslow Consulting & Public Relations

Schlesinger’s Delicatessen introduced a sandwich called “The Zelenskyy” to raise money to help those affected by the war in Ukraine.

Philadelphia City Councilman, Realtor and entrepreneur Allan Domb, who owns the deli 15 1521 Locust St. in Philadelphia, created the $39 sandwich to help raise money for the Wild Dove Foundation. That chairty was created by Ukrainian Temple University student Kateryna Koshevoy and sends money to friends and family members in Ukraine for food, water, and other vital supplies.

Domb said he would donate all proceeds from sandwich sales to the foundation, which has raised nearly $30,000.

The sandwich features three slices of rye bread, 14 ounces each of corned beef and pastrami, ½ cup of coleslaw and Thousand Island dressing.

Koshevoy has used her foundation’s platform to showcase photos and videos of the supplies being delivered, formal requests from her hometown’s City Council asking for help, receipts from purchases, and notes of gratitude from Ukrainians caught in the conflict who are receiving the supplies.

Contributions can be made to the Wild Dove Foundation at 


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