Monday, December 5, 2016 Kislev 5, 5777

Congregation Beth Hamedrosh

200 Haverford Road
Philadelphia, PA 19096

A vibrant Orthodox synagogue located in Wynnewood,  just outside the city of Philadelphia on the Main Line.

The shul welcomes all Jews who are seeking to grow in their spiritual lives.

Congregation Beth Hamedrosh is located in the beautiful Penn Wynne neighborhood of Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. We are situated only a few miles from downtown Philadelphia, giving us all the advantages of both a small, boutique community feel intertwined with large metropolitan resources. Our close, supportive environment enables each member to have a “chelek” – a portion – in the community, where each individual’s contributions are highly valued. We share closely in each other’s life events, both simchas and sorrows, and friendships based on common, shared values and trust are enduring. Our synagogue serves as a major center of Tefillah, Torah learning and Avodah within our community. Herein you will find links to our programming and opportunities for learning and service that go well beyond what is generally offered and accomplished within shuls of our modest membership numbers and building physical size. Yet we thrive, with all of the “Jewish infrastructure” of a major urban Orthodox community being readily available to us, including outstanding Jewish day schools; high school and post-high school yeshivas; day camps; a vibrant kollel; an extensive eruv; mikva; kosher dining and shopping; Judaica stores and kiruv organizations all within very easy reach.

A defining characteristic of CBH is the amazing diversity of our membership, which we regard as “inclusive”, valuing everyone. Our members and visitors feel at home here, whether they identify themselves as Modern Orthodox, Chareidi, Conservadox or something else. Our members span the range of Jewish affiliation and identification, with those who are on the way to observance, those who are newly observant and those who have been observant from birth. We are both a kiruv shul and a shul for members who have spent their lives devoted to structured Orthodox Jewish learning and living. Our diversity sometimes poses challenges, but this only makes us stronger and more committed to Ahavas Yisroel.

Our Rabbi and lay leadership, as well as our members are sincerely committed to growing in their relationships with HaShem, with each other and with all Klal Yisroel. This common commitment unites us and informs every aspect of our life together. It is reflected in the quality of our daily and Shabbos davening and is unparalleled during the Chagim! We know we are engaged in a common journey and we invite you to join with us.

Come for a Shabbos and stay for a lifetime – become a part of the CBH Family. On behalf of our Rabbi and members, I invite you to come any time. Please contact me to help plan your visit.

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