Sunday, April 20, 2014 Nisan 20, 5774
Dr. Jeffrey Blum, who was as skilled at making his pediatric dental patients laugh as he was at leading Shabbat and holiday services, died Nov. 28 at the age of 59.
D. Richard M. Klaus, 74, an orthopedic surgeon, died Dec. 20 after a 30-year battle with heart disease.
Mildred magil, who par­ticipated in charitable events and served as a leader of the Jewish community, died Oct. 21. She was 96.
Horace Nathan Sampson, a native Philadelphian who built a successful home and lumber company before retiring to La Jolla, Calif., died Sept. 30.
Florence Elaine Green of Villanova, a philanthropist whose efforts to assure comfortable and secure homes for the less fortunate of the Jewish community met with landmark results, died Nov. 7 at age 88.

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