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In Loving Memory of 
1922 - 1999
The year was nineteen thirty eight,
I was invited out, for a blind date.
My date was blonde, and very fair.
A lovely girl, her name was Claire
Going forward to nineteen thirty nine,
I was hooked, and she was mine.
We were married in nineteen forty one,
She was nineteen, I was twenty one.
With love and laughter, and sometimes tears.
We had fifty seven wonderful years.
It’s now fifteen years, that you’ve been gone.
The ache in my heart, goes on and on.
It is everything about you, that I miss.
Your loving touch, your hug, your kiss.
My life isn’t the same, since you went away.
But I will love you and miss you, 
til my dying day.
Forever in my heart

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