Chester County School District Investigating Racist Pumpkin Engravings, Including Swastika

Photos of Chester County students posing with pumpkins with racist engravings are circulating around social media. | Photo via

Fall is the perfect time for pumpkin picking and carving.

Unless you decide to carve not a smiling jack-o’-lantern but a swastika symbol.

A picture of former and current Coatesville Area High School students posing with pumpkins bearing a swastika and the letters KKK is circulating on social media, prompting the Chester County school district to respond.

One Snapchat post of the students posing with the pumpkins was accompanied by the message, “…snap do your thang.”

“We are extremely disappointed that any of our students would display this kind of hatred and vile behavior,” a school district spokesperson said in an NBC10 report.

“It’s reprehensible and intolerable, and this photo causes deep sadness and concern. We work extremely hard to promote a tolerant, respectful, inclusive learning environment, and this is in direct opposition to everything we stand for and believe in.”

According to the report, the incident is not believed to have happened on school grounds but the school district is working with officials to “discipline the students.”

The district will work with groups including the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, Mid-Atlantic Equity Center and NAACP this week to have conversations with students about racism, per NBC10.

The incident follows last week’s report of officials investigating a baby doll hanging from the ceiling in a locker room at the same school.

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