Buy a Chevrolet for Less Than $500


A starting price of $495 may seem like a bargain, but deep in the throes of the Great Depression, the cost of a new Chevrolet probably was out of the reach of many. The car (which didn’t seem to have a model name) was billed as “the only complete low-priced car!”

Of course, Chevy probably didn’t sell too many cars for that price, considering that it cost $20 extra for bumpers, a spare tire and a tire lock. Aren’t bumpers part of a complete car?

And something billed as “knee-action” — “it smooths away bumps and holes” — cost another $20 and was only available on “Master Models.”

Also in the fine print was wording that the prices mentioned were list price in Flint, Mich. It’s probably a safe bet the 640 miles between Flint and Philadelphia added a sawbuck or two to the price.

Features the car did have included new hydraulic brakes, a solid steel one-piece turret top, genuine Fisher no-draft ventilation, shock-proof steering and a high-compression valve-in-head engine.


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