Wednesday, July 30, 2014 Av 3, 5774

Bryan Schwartzman

Freelancer, Former Staff Writer
Almost four years to the day after the national lobbying organization J Street was founded, it's once again at the center of a local brouhaha -- revisiting the question of who is permitted inside the pro-Israel tent and who's out in the cold. At issue was a private meeting held earlier this week at Temple Beth Zion-Beth Israel in Center...
Martins Run Senior Living Community in Media is rededicating a historic Torah scroll that was written in what is now the Czech Republic and was used by a Jewish community that was decimated in the Holocaust. Jirik Schreiber, an 86-year-old man from Lipnik, Czech Republic, was slated to take part in the ceremony via Skype on April 19 to coincide...
The University of Pennsylvania is launching a new digital partnership with the USC Shoah Foundation Institute that makes available on Penn's campus all of the video testimonies of Holocaust survivors and other witnesses collected by the foundation. Penn is currently the only site in the state where individuals have access to the 52,000 video testimonies that have been recorded in...
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Jewish Exponent Staff
The Iranian nuclear threat is not just a Jewish issue but could be a major factor -- and an unpredictable one -- for the general electorate in this year's presidential contest, according to William Kristol, a leading Jewish conservative intellectual. "I won't be surprised to see Israeli action against Iran this summer, and that is a total wild card," Kristol,...
The Israelis and Americans seem to be on different pages regarding the timing of a potential Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities, but U.S. Rep. Deborah Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, said the debate has in no way detracted from the close relationship between Jerusalem and Washington. Wasserman Schultz, perhaps Obama's chief surrogate in the Jewish...


Bryan Schwartzman has been reporting on the Jewish community of Philadelphia since 2003. After 10 years as a staff writer, he now occasionally freelances for the Exponent. He writes about trends in politics, religion and spirituality, philanthropy and sometimes dabbles in sports and the arts. 
He has received numerous awards from the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Journalists, the Jewish American Press Association and other organizations.
A native New Yorker, he earned a master’s degree in modern Jewish history and literature from the Jewish Theological Seminary. He is also a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.



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