Wednesday, April 16, 2014 Nisan 16, 5774

Bryan Schwartzman

Staff Writer
While Jewish institutions in the Philadelphia area emerged from the recent storm relatively unscathed, such was not the case in New York and New Jersey, where the total cost of the devastation is still being assessed.
Pundits have obsessed over just what percentage of the Jewish vote will go to President Barack Obama this time. Local voters weigh in on who they endorse. Plus, read JTA coverage comparing how both presidential candidates have played up their support of Israel and where they stand on issues important to Jewish voters.
See the likeness of the first Jewish American commodore on Independence Mall
Who is that man and what did he do? That’s what Gary "Yuri" Tabach, a recently retired U.S...
Forget the big communal question of whether children of intermarried couples can ever feel completely Jewish - the roughly 65 teens and parents at a recent interfaith symposium focused on the practical challenges they face, from discussing faith with their partners to managing in-laws. Members of Kol Ami, a Reform synagogue in Elkins Park organized the "Interfaith Roller Coaster."
After $17 million in personal campaign funds, coal industry executive and political neophyte Tom Smith may be within striking distance of unseating U.S. Sen. Bob Casey. The 65-year-old Democrat-turned-Republican from Armstrong County spoke to the Exponent about his views on foreign policy and domestic issues


Bryan Schwartzman has been reporting on the Jewish community of Philadelphia since 2003. He writes about trends in politics, religion and spirituality, philanthropy and sometimes dabbles in sports and the arts. 
He has received numerous awards from the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Journalists, the Jewish American Press Association and other organizations.
A native New Yorker, he earned a master’s degree in modern Jewish history and literature from the Jewish Theological Seminary. He is also a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.



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