The Most Amazing Things Happen at Thrift Shop!!


Page 12 was decidedly more light-hearted than the cover, showcasing a story about “Mrs. Bernard S. Blumenthal,” the new president of the Jewish Federation-run Thrift Shop.

Accompanied by a photo of the beaming Mrs. Blumenthal (her first name is never mentioned) holding up a bird cage, the article breathlessly quotes its main subject, leaning heavily on exclamation points.

“Would you believe it, my mother bought golfing rubbers there [the thrift store], and I didn’t even know they were mine. Why, I even sold them to her when she rummaged through the shop’s shoes and galoshes,” she said.”

Page 12 was also home to “Now That You Ask,” an advice column by Ingrid Hart.

A retired 66-year-old widower wrote, “I am terribly lonely after 40 years of happy marriage and have found a woman who wants to marry me. Would such a step be proper at my age?”

Hart answers in the affirmative.

“The only reaction I can possibly imagine is Mazel Tov and many happy years together!”



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