Wednesday, December 7, 2016 Kislev 7, 5777

Albert Einstein Academy

101 Garden of Eden Road
Wilmington, DE 19803

Albert Einstein Academy is a Jewish Day School dedicated to the development of the whole child. The school instills a love for learning, places a high value on academic achievement, and develops individuals who will contribute to their communities. Respect for the individual is anchored in the belief that G-d is in every person. Individualized goals challenge students by offering the opportunity for a superior secular and Judaic educational program.

At Albert Einstein Academy, we strive to develop the intellect of each child to the fullest. Our teaching is focused on active learning and creativity. Field trips that enrich students' social, cultural, and civic experiences also heighten students’ social awareness.

Albert Einstein Academy is a welcoming community – where an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust fosters close and comfortable communication between families and the school about expectations, progress, concerns, and individualized goals. We work as a team - where teachers optimize the performance of their students, their colleagues, and their institution, providing students with a balance of personal support, authority, and modeling.

Our individual approach to education, emphasis on creativity, and nurturing environment support the development of each child's identity. We expect students to be well-mannered, behave in a socially acceptable manner, and fulfill their responsibilities just as we encourage students' self-esteem and confidence when approaching tasks in school and in the community.

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