Friday, April 18, 2014 Nisan 18, 5774
What to do when you're invited to a delicious Easter brunch that inevitably will involve hard-to-resist pasta on Passover? In this case, the brunch is an important family tradition for the letter writer's husband.
Top Stories
Jewkebox, a Jewish a capella group, has doubled in size since the Temple University group started in 2012.
Kyle Weintraub, a 13-year-old battling a rare form of cancer at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, telecommutes to his day school in South Florida with the help of a robot.
Jan Richter, JE Feature
Holocaust survivor Raja Engländerová met with the Philadephia cast as a guest of honor at a seder held in Prague.
Ron Kampeas, JTA
Supporters of the imprisoned American subcontractor want the U.S. government to ‘do whatever it takes’ to win his freedom from Cuba.

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Sat. Apr 19
Kesher Israel Congregation
9:00 AM
Sat. Apr 19
Old York Road Temple-Beth Am
9:00 AM
Sat. Apr 19
Tzedek v'Shalom
10:00 AM



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Members of the Jewish community in Kaifeng, China, gathered for a traditional Passover seder— the first of its kind.
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Group of young actors from Philly arrived in Prague 4 2nd seder. Guest of honor Raja Engländerová. Holocaust survivor
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Supporters of imprisoned American subcontractor want US govt to ‘do whatever it takes’ to win his freedom from Cuba.
6 hours 51 min ago
The Exponent's story on incident in Ukraine. Is this very serious or just locals trying 2 unsettle Jewish population?
7 hours 54 min ago
13-yr-old battling cancer at CHOP, telecommutes to his day school in Sth Florida with help of a robot. #jewishphilly
9 hours 29 min ago

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