Friday, July 29, 2016 Tammuz 23, 5776
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President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine made fervent pleas for Hillary Clinton.
Jon Marks | JE Staff
The burning of an Israeli flag has prompted calls for an official condemnation of the act by Democratic Party leaders.
Liz Spikol | JE Staff
A J Street event at the NMAJH drew plenty of supporters, but one the night before drew protesters.
Liz Spikol | JE Staff
With the start of the Democratic National Convention, all sorts of visitors descended on Philadelphia.

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Fri. Jul 29
Temple Beth Zion-Beth Israel
6:00 PM-8:00 PM
Fri. Jul 29
Old York Road Temple-Beth Am
6:00 PM
Fri. Jul 29
Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel
8:00 PM


Chef Stephanie Reitano has a surprising Jewish + Italian background and grew up with a passion for pickling
2 hours 19 sec ago
13 hours 14 min ago
Flip through this week's special issue here:
20 hours 26 min ago
The final night of the just started and seats are already full in anticipation for
20 hours 44 min ago
Protesters burned an Israeli flag, chanted "intifada" at
22 hours 49 min ago
saw a lot of supporters — and protesters — at the
1 day 13 min ago
1 day 47 min ago
After 40 years, doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon.
1 day 2 hours ago
Members of Old York Road Temple-Beth Am took a trip to "Czech" out the history of their "little Torah"
1 day 23 hours ago
Op-ed: "Elie Wiesel urged his students to remind the world to never forget the atrocities of our Holocaust."
2 days 10 min ago
Although Hillary Clinton received the Democratic nomination, that's not stopping the Bernie Sanders supporters.
2 days 2 hours ago
American Jewish Committee board member Paul L. Jaffe has died at the age of 88.
2 days 2 hours ago
11 steps to take and recognize when faced with transitions in your life.
2 days 3 hours ago
Editorial: The "diplomatic trifecta" with Egypt, Turkey and East Africa will "unquestionably help Israel."
2 days 4 hours ago
It's official: Bernie is out, Hillary is in.
2 days 18 hours ago
Starting the Jewish Roundtable in the Convention Center
2 days 23 hours ago
3 days 58 min ago
"We are living in a time of great fear, and we see around us much of that fear turning into hatred."
3 days 1 hour ago
"I just felt that I had to finish what I started." talks his new book,
3 days 3 hours ago
RT : Check out the scene live from the floor at the
3 days 17 hours ago
RT : The difference a few hours makes. Earlier: tons of Bernie supporters. Now: music performance at Dilworth park
3 days 20 hours ago
RT : My ears are splitting from the divisive screams here. This party doesn't seem much more unified than the GOP.
3 days 20 hours ago
And so it begins: Hello from inside Wells Fargo
3 days 21 hours ago
New on food blog Philacatessen: A fresh summer squash pesto salad
3 days 21 hours ago
Bala Cynwyd artist painted the life-size Fiberglass donkeys representing Delaware and Connecticut for the .
3 days 22 hours ago