Thursday, July 24, 2014 Tammuz 26, 5774
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A local family experienced their first rocket — and a hero's welcome — as they landed in Israel to begin a new life.
The former Nazi, who had been living in Northeast Philadelphia, died before he could be extradited to Germany, where he was to be charged with war crimes.
The ongoing violence in the Middle East has challenged Israel program directors to modify planned itineraries on the fly, and in some cases, even cancel or cut short their trips.
The conflict might be an ocean away, but it's clearly on the minds of many Philadelphians who gathered at a recent rally to support Israel and attended a performance by an Israeli/Latin jazz group.

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Fri. Jul 25
Klein Jewish Community Center
8:30 AM-1:30 PM
Fri. Jul 25
JEVS Career Strategies
9:30 AM
Fri. Jul 25
Germantown Jewish Centre
6:00 PM



Israel Solidarity, Kosher Closure, Presbyterian Tensions -
2 hours 30 min ago
Former Auschwitz Guard Dies in Philly Hours Before Being Extradited - Jewish Exponent |
3 hours 29 min ago
2,500 pro-Israel supporters attended yesterday's rally - Jewish Exponent |
5 hours 50 min ago
This afternoon, Love Park. Large Israel Solidarity rally. This article and its link at the bottom has all the details
1 day 10 hours ago
Column from Naomi Adler, CEO of @JFedinPhilly who arrived in Israel 7/10. Visit coincided with escalation of conflict
1 day 12 hours ago
The ground underneath Israel & Gaza has literally shifted with the discovery of the true extent of Hamas’ tunnels.
1 day 22 hours ago
Recipes! When the temperatures rise, I try every trick to avoid turning on my oven and adding heat to the house.
2 days 1 min ago
Should the US still extradite Johann Breyer?
2 days 1 hour ago
4:30pm Wed. Love Park. Large Israel Solidarity rally. This article and its link at the bottom has all the details.
2 days 3 hours ago
I really like going to Shabbat services.A friend regularly sits next to me & wants to chat. How should I handle this?
2 days 4 hours ago
BREAKING NEWS - The FAA has prohibited all U.S. airlines from flying to Israel for at least 24 hours.
2 days 5 hours ago
A family that used to catch their own wild salmon is relocating to Haifa. Alaskan Jews moving to Israel.
2 days 6 hours ago
2 more Israeli soldiers killed. A soldier believed to have been killed when armored vehicle was attacked is missing.
2 days 7 hours ago
The new film, starring Mandy Patinkin and Zach Braff wears its Judaism proudly.
2 days 9 hours ago
Seven more Israeli soldiers were killed in Gaza, bringing the total death toll of soldiers in fighting there to 27.
2 days 23 hours ago
Just as the Grateful Dead enjoyed a strong following among Jews — so, too, does Phish.
3 days 1 hour ago
What are you doing in 48 hours from now? Community-wide rally to support Israel on July 23 in Center City's LOVE Park
3 days 3 hours ago
EDITORIAL. Hamas has no interest in peace with Israel — or protecting its own citizens.
3 days 4 hours ago
Netanyahu's statement after 13 soldiers were killed in combat in a Gaza City neighborhood.
3 days 6 hours ago
Have you seen the video of young Jewish men pushing back pro-Palestinian rioters during a violent Paris confrontation
3 days 7 hours ago
Two American citizens serving as lone soldiers in theIDF were among the 13 soldiers killed in Gaza fighting.
3 days 8 hours ago
Amid concerns about current situations people gathered to commemorate the 20th anniversary of AIMA terrorist attack.
3 days 10 hours ago
In this sad time for Israel, this story illustrates one of the many incredible feats of this tiny nation.
3 days 12 hours ago
Thirteen Israeli soldiers were killed in heavy fighting in a Gaza City neighborhood.
4 days 4 hours ago
Philly area synagogue website hacked by a Palestinian group?
4 days 11 hours ago

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