Monday, July 28, 2014 Av 1, 5774
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After nearly six decades in Israeli politics, the Nobel laureate and elder statesman leaves public life having failed to achieve the peace he long sought.
Elad Strohmayer, Israel’s deputy consul general to the mid-Atlantic region, briefed some 75 young professionals about the Gaza conflict at the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia.
Los Angeles-based quartet Dawes brought their unique brand of SoCal-infused blues rock to the XPoNential Music Festival.
Bryan Schwartzman
A local writer finds comparisons between the latest Batman films and the current Gaza conflict.

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Tue. Jul 29
Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia
7:30 AM-9:30 AM
Tue. Jul 29
Jewish Learning Venture
7:00 PM-9:00 PM
Wed. Jul 30
Jewish Learning Venture
5:30 PM-6:30 PM



A local writer finds comparisons between the latest Batman films and the current Gaza conflict.
2 hours 28 min ago
At least four Israelis were killed and several others were injured in a mortar attack in southern Israel.
3 hours 29 min ago
The music mostly served as a reminder that Israel is more than just a part of a never-ending conflict.
4 hours 57 min ago
Obama wants an immediate unconditional humanitarian cease-fire based on a process Israel has made clear it opposes.
7 hours 53 min ago
Do you recognize anyone in this video taken at the Israel Solidarity Rally in Philadelphia's LOVE Park?
9 hours 6 min ago
Video: Philadelphians Speak Their Minds on the Gaza Conflict - tell us what you think! - Jewish Exponent |
3 days 5 hours ago
Israel Solidarity, Kosher Closure, Presbyterian Tensions -
4 days 1 hour ago
Former Auschwitz Guard Dies in Philly Hours Before Being Extradited - Jewish Exponent |
4 days 2 hours ago
2,500 pro-Israel supporters attended yesterday's rally - Jewish Exponent |
4 days 5 hours ago
This afternoon, Love Park. Large Israel Solidarity rally. This article and its link at the bottom has all the details
5 days 9 hours ago
Column from Naomi Adler, CEO of @JFedinPhilly who arrived in Israel 7/10. Visit coincided with escalation of conflict
5 days 11 hours ago
The ground underneath Israel & Gaza has literally shifted with the discovery of the true extent of Hamas’ tunnels.
5 days 21 hours ago
Recipes! When the temperatures rise, I try every trick to avoid turning on my oven and adding heat to the house.
5 days 23 hours ago
Should the US still extradite Johann Breyer?
6 days 58 min ago
4:30pm Wed. Love Park. Large Israel Solidarity rally. This article and its link at the bottom has all the details.
6 days 2 hours ago
I really like going to Shabbat services.A friend regularly sits next to me & wants to chat. How should I handle this?
6 days 3 hours ago
BREAKING NEWS - The FAA has prohibited all U.S. airlines from flying to Israel for at least 24 hours.
6 days 4 hours ago
A family that used to catch their own wild salmon is relocating to Haifa. Alaskan Jews moving to Israel.
6 days 5 hours ago
2 more Israeli soldiers killed. A soldier believed to have been killed when armored vehicle was attacked is missing.
6 days 7 hours ago
The new film, starring Mandy Patinkin and Zach Braff wears its Judaism proudly.
6 days 9 hours ago
Seven more Israeli soldiers were killed in Gaza, bringing the total death toll of soldiers in fighting there to 27.
6 days 22 hours ago
Just as the Grateful Dead enjoyed a strong following among Jews — so, too, does Phish.
1 week 58 min ago
What are you doing in 48 hours from now? Community-wide rally to support Israel on July 23 in Center City's LOVE Park
1 week 2 hours ago
EDITORIAL. Hamas has no interest in peace with Israel — or protecting its own citizens.
1 week 3 hours ago
Netanyahu's statement after 13 soldiers were killed in combat in a Gaza City neighborhood.
1 week 5 hours ago

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