Tuesday, September 1, 2015 Elul 17, 5775

The Calendar

Wed. Sep 2
Old City Jewish Arts Center
6:00 PM-8:00 PM
Wed. Sep 2
Old York Road Temple-Beth Am
7:00 PM


A new exhibit at the National Constitution Center looks at religious liberty in America. http://t.co/ubQD1DRDvQ
12 min 44 sec ago
A place to least expect a new shower to be installed. Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. http://t.co/MQsOPsqQj9 http://t.co/z3lHgp3YAd
2 hours 12 min ago
Satell Teen Fellowship for Leadership & Social Activism. Leadership development program for Jewish 11th &12th graders http://t.co/48N2A41JQX
5 hours 2 min ago
Parkway Central branch of Free Library of Philly hosts new exhibit-Sacred Stories: The World’s Religious Traditions. http://t.co/ixm0rpGExd
20 hours 42 min ago
Temple University has a new rabbi and executive director for its Hillel - Daniel Levitt. http://t.co/y1A2u2qvV4
23 hours 31 min ago
Among the many Jewish families who are making the switch this fall from public school to Jewish day school. http://t.co/phADprRJJD
1 day 1 hour ago
High Holiday Synagogue Wine Tasting event is tonight!!! Are you going? http://t.co/PqJooXwGOe
1 day 4 hours ago
Difficult biblical laws to understand is that of the mamzer, product of an adulterous (or incestuous) sexual liaison. http://t.co/K0W8qkJ64J
1 day 7 hours ago
Middle East watchdog group holds four-day conference to train college students how to defend Israel. http://t.co/9b9PIOgJzP
2 days 6 hours ago
How will you read the Jewish Exponent this weekend? #jewishinphilly http://t.co/XVAiTeIl8N
3 days 19 hours ago
Becoming inclusive is a skill that needs to be practiced year-round. The Jewish new year is perfect time to practice. http://t.co/KtdmIWEFnZ
3 days 21 hours ago
Jennifer Raphael is chronicling her familys summer trip through Europe. This time she blogs from Italy. http://t.co/1mzoKI1myM #romanholiday
3 days 22 hours ago
Dear Miriam, we really want to go on a nice trip. Should we take the kids & not have the vacation we really want? http://t.co/GbZ6TIbzvn
4 days 38 min ago
A sampling of our most recent content. The Jewish Exponent weekly Email Newsletter August 28- http://t.co/Z1a0g9kdho
4 days 3 hours ago
The @JFedinPhilly is once again sponsoring a trip to Israel this winter with Birthright Israel. http://t.co/1QIKxGmzK1
4 days 6 hours ago
Download our FREE App and swipe your way through all of our recent content! http://t.co/1AiHRY54NM
4 days 18 hours ago
After more than a decade of failed diplomacy, Israel could be close to signing a major agreement with Palestinians. http://t.co/Z7ProUcHUy
4 days 20 hours ago
Jennifer is chronicling her family's summer trip through Europe. She explains some of the ailments her son has faced. http://t.co/mF4qBuo6va
4 days 21 hours ago
#TBT A year ago we were discussing the anti-semitic incident at Temple University. http://t.co/vPzUuNGADB
5 days 12 min ago
With the Jewish year winding down, here’s a look back at 13 Jews who repeatedly made the news in 5775. http://t.co/8YEbc009r2
5 days 2 hours ago
Join Uru Achim & @JFedinPhilly for a concert featuring soprano Sharon Cheng and pianist Will Crutchfield. http://t.co/lYUwBb0iBq
5 days 8 hours ago
Dear Miriam, When is the right age to travel with kids to Disney World so that the kids would actually appreciate it? http://t.co/4ENPhhYhpU
5 days 19 hours ago
Congress & American people focused on historic, serious and consequential foreign policy decision. http://t.co/3lFTknk73O
6 days 34 min ago
American Airlines announced it will no longer operate nonstop service between PHL and Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. http://t.co/5C0MnR6upC
6 days 2 hours ago
Editorial: No doubt the deal will leave Israel in a more precarious position vis-à-vis Iran & its terrorist proxies. http://t.co/uYVRDtiaxb
6 days 6 hours ago