Tuesday, October 13, 2015 Tishri 30, 5776
Three Jewish educators reject the new conventional wisdom that Conservative Judaism is a synonym for failure, as inaccurate and destructive .
One would have thought that last week’s General Assembly in New York was going to break new ground.
Ben Cohen
In visual terms at least, the contrast between Arafat in November 1974 and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Sept. 30, 2015, couldn’t have been greater.
Dennis Prager
The well-known commentator and provocateur should be judged by her pro-Israel record, not one angry tweet, a nationally syndicated talk show host writes.

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Tue. Oct 13
Beth Sholom Congregation
6:00 PM-7:00 PM
Tue. Oct 13
Congregation Beth Solomon Community Center
6:45 PM-7:00 PM


3 Jewish educators reject the wisdom that Conservative Judaism is a synonym for failure as inaccurate & destructive. http://t.co/AJNtk8C3Z4
3 hours 32 min ago
At least 3 Israelis killed & over 20 wounded in rash of terror attacks. http://t.co/15UKTzhSSE http://t.co/SZ6atTOl94
5 hours 32 min ago
In visual terms, contrast between Arafat in 1974 & Abbas in 2015 couldnt have been greater. http://t.co/DpUsSB5295 http://t.co/C4td21CGRK
22 hours 50 min ago
Thanks to Kol Emet in Yardley the Bristol Jewish Center has been given a new lease on life. http://t.co/DfFYtIsVKK http://t.co/YawH8NceAn
1 day 1 hour ago
With Gratz closing satellite campuses, many came up with new continuing education programs. http://t.co/kcftJpg5ol http://t.co/W0vbTaOETT
1 day 3 hours ago
@RRCcommunity. Will no longer stop students from applying/graduating based on if spouse or partner is Jewish. http://t.co/jmhh27VRLH
1 day 6 hours ago
The Jewish Exponent's E-Newsletter. Local Jewish Centers and New Waves of Terror. - http://t.co/N9tiAdNxbF
4 days 1 hour ago
Click this link to read this week's Jewish Exponent Newspaper. Looks amazing on any digital device! http://t.co/s7iNwP4NKL
4 days 2 hours ago
Syrians believe Israel’s government is in cahoots with Syrian President Bashar Assad. http://t.co/d2LYWnyEBR http://t.co/koebybwsS5
4 days 4 hours ago
Oren Moverman's latest film stars Richard Gere as a homeless man at the end of his tether. http://t.co/LvO4KGQeLZ http://t.co/LzIL59vlDP
4 days 5 hours ago
A first-hand account of the refugee crisis in Hungary. http://t.co/a65UcIIbq6 http://t.co/SfikuVTH0Q
4 days 23 hours ago
A list of the terror attacks that rocked Israel this week & the events that led up to them. http://t.co/PiiSTxxAto http://t.co/V4WliDXkB6
5 days 46 min ago
Dear Reykjavik City Council, you might not want to assume you have a moral role to play in the Arab-Israeli conflict http://t.co/Pa1d2OWFh4
5 days 4 hours ago
Seth Rudetsky will be in Philly dishing about all things Broadway and beyond at the Merriam Theatre in Center City. http://t.co/XZEyl55zmD
5 days 8 hours ago
Rabbi Jon Cutler says his roots remain in Philly & have pulled him back to the area. http://t.co/vsXmAHXiqY http://t.co/FNDFl9aaSw
5 days 20 hours ago
Carl Hancock Rux brings his meditation on the life of Carl Einstein to the Kimmel Center. http://t.co/IwzR7CFbDy http://t.co/hL8OX9Fqnj
5 days 23 hours ago
Rabbis-for-hire are trying to carve out their own niche in American Judaism. http://t.co/BphNxV9s5T http://t.co/yYMdb7JSwG
6 days 44 min ago
Do you think there will be a third intifada?http://t.co/KthuaP6at0 http://t.co/RW28DsC9tm
6 days 2 hours ago
Merrill Reese, play-by-play announcer Eagles, talks about his career, Judaism and the Birds. http://t.co/jdkJZy0o0o http://t.co/G5B6uQK0VT
6 days 4 hours ago
Karnit Goldwasser @BarrackJBHA to talk about book dealing with murder of IDF soldier husband. http://t.co/J4mqIJgi1b http://t.co/wRAEexbnf8
1 week 2 days ago
15-yr-old victim taken to hospital with wounds. 2 Israeli men stabbed to death nearby. http://t.co/Z9wCAWlSno http://t.co/icYEaLZZmE
1 week 2 days ago
Speaking to the U.N., Netanyahu and Abbas both accused the world body of neglecting them. http://t.co/2qjeqaLLHI http://t.co/uFnQNdgXgS
1 week 3 days ago
The Exponent's Weekly E-Newsletter. The Final Rush of the Jewish Holiday Season. - http://t.co/xZdYt4z0Or
1 week 3 days ago
You can read this week's entire Jewish Exponent newspaper by clicking this link: http://t.co/J3bPXf5IIR http://t.co/KEwyUegcaO
1 week 3 days ago
Cell affiliated with Fatah’s armed wing assumed responsibility for murder of Israeli couple. http://t.co/bUKBbtvLoB http://t.co/ip6VG7nR9k
1 week 4 days ago