200 Refugee Youngsters Enroll in City Schools


A recurring topic in the Exponent throughout the years is the plight of refugees, and this issue was no exception.

An article detailed the first day in city schools for Rosa and Gerson Korntrager, ages 9 and 6, respectively. The Polish children arrived in the United States a few months earlier after spending time in so-called DP camps; DP stood for “displaced persons.” The camps were common in eastern Europe after World War II through as late as 1957.

“Rosa and Gerson, born in Poland in wartime, arrived here on May 30, with their mother, Sima, after spending three years in a German DP camp. Their father was killed during the Nazi occupation. The family lived until recently at the Hostel for Newcomers,” the article said.

They had since obtained an apartment on Fourth Street, and the children were attending Kirkbride Elementary School at Seventh and Dickinson streets.

A photo accompanying the story showed Rosa surrounded by her teacher and three classmates as she pointed at a globe — presumably to her Polish homeland.


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